Workshops and Master Classes

Enhance the experience for your choir, drama club, or community theater group by hosting a voice workshop!  This workshop will delve into vocal technique as it pertains to your singers - whether classical/choral or musical theater.  Attendees will have the opportunity to get their questions answered and leave with some resources to improve their singing!

Voice Workshops

Perfect for high school or community choirs and theatre groups, participants in these workshops have the opportunity to perform for their peers and receive real-time feedback on their performance and interpretation.  Incorporating an interactive element into the traditional master class format, attendees will leave with new ways to connect to the music they're singing, and inspire their audiences! 

Master Classes

Wellness Workshops

Introduce your singers to holistic voice care through this one-of-a-kind workshop!  We'll delve a little bit into how nutrition and stress impact the immune system - and, in turn, the voice.  Participants will have the opportunity to get their questions answered, book a free Discovery Call, and leave with some resources to get them started on their wellness journey!


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I look forward to working with your singers!

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