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Over the years, I've met so many singers who struggle with wellness issues.  From stress to digestive issues to allergies and seasonal illness, a singer's body, mind, and soul put up with a lot.  I would know, because I was one of those singers.


For years, I struggled with terrible upper respiratory viruses every winter.  Every singer knows that a cold is not "just" a cold, but something that can derail your voice for weeks to come if it's not dealt with properly.  Sometimes, our voices and bodies take a hit despite our best efforts.


A few years ago, I found myself getting sick with virus after never-ending virus.  I felt like I was doing everything I could to stay healthy, to no avail.  I was never healthy enough for long enough to sing with any consistency.  After two years of being sick, trying not to be sick, or recovering from being sick at nearly any given moment, I was physically and mentally run-down.  I knew something needed to change, but I didn't know what.

It turned out that my immunity issues were rooted mostly in two things: gut health and stress management - or lack thereof.

I spent the next several months navigating dietary changes, learning how stress affects the body, and really learning to care for myself.  Eventually, my physical, emotional, AND vocal health started to improve.

I want to share with YOU, fellow singer, the strategies I used to get my wellness back on track.  If you:

- Find yourself frequently sick in the winter, despite your best efforts;

- Are constantly stressed and feel it's taking a toll on your mental and physical health;

- Feel that your health issues are rooted in your diet, but you're not sure where to begin or what information is correct;

...then my wellness coaching programs are for you.

Even you AREN'T a singer, these programs can be adapted to suit your needs.  ALL of us deserve health of body, mind, and voice - whether we are professional voice users or not.


Food Lifestyle Program

On Sale Now - Only $197!

Does healthy eating seem complicated to you?  

Are you confused by all the conflicting nutritional information out there?


Have you tried making diet changes in the past, only to find it difficult to stick with them?


Do you find yourself frequently wondering whether or not you're making the healthiest choice at a restaurant or party?


Do you want to eat without the stress of calorie-counting?


Then my Food Lifestyle Program is for you!


A food lifestyle is not a diet.  It's not rooted in "good" vs. "bad" foods.  

In this program, you'll learn how to:

- Cultivate a healthy, balanced mindset about your food choices

- Figure out what *really* drives your food choices day to day

- Make food choices based on how nutrients work in your body

- Listen to your own body's needs, and make eating choices accordingly

Because at the end of the day, there is no one perfect "diet."  There is only the food lifestyle that is perfect for YOU.

You'll get all the resources and support you need to implement healthy eating choices that will LAST.

Four sessions plus all the extras - only $197!

Stress, Immunity and the Voice

A Unique Program for Singers

Every singer has heard the refrain "your body is your instrument."  But it's more accurate to say that our whole selves are our instruments - because we're more than just bodies, right?! 

Every singer also knows that a cold is not "just" a cold.  When you're hit with one of those suckers after another, it takes a toll on your voice, your body, and your mental health.

I would know, because I've been in that position before.  I tried everything to stay healthy, but the nasty mega-viruses kept coming.

Eventually, I got to the bottom of my immunity issues.  And the answers were not what you'd think.  What were they?

Gut health and stress management.

That's right - we'll take a look at how your immune system is affected by your gut health (and therefore your diet), and your stress levels.


This program is for you if:

- You find yourself struggling with frequent seasonal illness that disrupts your life as a singer

- You've tried what feels like everything to keep seasonal viruses at bay, to no avail

- You think your diet might be contributing to your immunity issues, but you're not sure how or where to start making changes

- You're often stressed, anxious, or worried about how your health is going to affect your voice

- You want to strengthen your immune system for the winter

This program includes six sessions, as well as all the resources and support you need - for only $399.

What Is Wellness Coaching?

True wellness, as they say, is not merely the absence of disease.  Wellness encompasses your physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health.  Usually, these areas are inter-connected - more so than we might realize. 


A wellness coach guides clients to address their wellness issues holistically.  The coach is there to provide information and resources, of course, but also support and accountability.  This combination empowers the client to take charge of their own health, and make wellness changes that will LAST.   

This is in contrast to the typical Western medicine model, which tells us we should treat issues in isolation.  While specific treatments and/or medications may be necessary in some cases, they often do not address the issue's root cause.  Holistic wellness coaching is NOT a replacement for medical and/or mental health care, but is meant to work in tandem with them, helping you to address other potential contributing factors to your issues that may not be considered or acknowledged in a typical medical setting.  

Additionally, many of the everyday issues we experience can be treated naturally - either entirely, or in conjunction with pharmaceuticals.  This is surely good news for singers, whose voices are often subject to medication side effects - so any opportunity to eliminate or lessen these is worth considering, in my book!

Stress, Immunity, and the Voice

Say goodbye to frequent seasonal illnesses!  Discover the five steps to a stronger immune system so you can feel better and be able to SING AGAIN.  Because singing is what you do, after all.

Step 1: Nutrition, Nutrition, Nutrition!

If you put student-quality strings on a Stradivarius violin, it would still sound pretty good - but not as good as professional-grade strings would sound.  So, what are you putting inside *your* instrument - i.e., your body?  We'll talk about the nutrients your body needs, the why, and the how much.  You'll leave with some concrete steps to practice more mindfulness with your diet!

Step 2: Cut the You-Know-What

In this step, we'll talk a lot about the S-word: SUGAR.  What is it, really, what are its effects on your body (and especially your immune system), and where does it lurk out of sight?  (Hint: nearly everywhere.)  You'll finish this step with some much healthier swaps for sugar- and carb-heavy foods, leaving you feeling more energized!

Step 3: Made to Move

Do you have a movement practice?  Do you know you should, but don't know what you like or where to start?  This step is for you!  A movement practice or exercise routine is essential to a healthy voice and keeping immune threats at bay.  We'll talk about goal-setting and accountability, and give you some tools to implement a routine that works for your body and your schedule.

Step 4: Stress Signals

Maybe you've already notice a decrease in your stress levels from following steps 1-3, but in this step, we'll talk more specifically about what stress is and its effects on the body.  We'll talk about how to determine your stress triggers and how your body responds to various stimuli, how to implement a simple self-care routine, and ways to calm your mind and body in the face of stressors.

Step 5: Preventive Protocol

Now that you're eating, moving, and sleeping better, it's time to talk about immunity-specific strategies!  In addition to the basics, we'll discuss natural supplements and how to keep a germ-free environment.

Step 6: Bonus Session!

We'll wrap up with a special session devoted to whatever you'd like to work on - whether you'd like more in-depth coaching, info, or resources on one of the previous steps, or want to dive into something new.  You decide!


What kind of resources are included with your program?

I'll provide you with packets, handouts, and online resources, created both specifically for the program AND for your unique needs.  You'll also get recommendations for books, products, and other resources, but these are not included in the price of the program.

I like the sound of this program, but I feel like I don't need help with a certain step.  Is it possible to substitute that step with something else?

Absolutely!  This is YOUR program.  There is no need to do the steps in order, spend the same amount of time on each one, or even complete them all, if you don't want to.  Coaching is a client-driven process, so we start where YOU'D like to begin.

Do you offer custom packages?

Absolutely!  Let's get one going for you!

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