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Every singer has heard the refrain "your body is your instrument."  But it's more accurate to say that our whole selves are our instruments - because we're more than just bodies, right?!  My "Healthy Body, Healthy Voice" program is for singers whose voices are affected by frequent seasonal illness.  Discover the physical, mental, and emotional facets of vocal health, all through a holistic lens!

What Is Wellness Coaching?

Coaching, in general, is a highly client-driven process.  A holistic wellness coaching program is designed to help the client identify various wellness challenges in their life, and then empower and support them to take steps toward a lasting transformation in their health.  The wellness coach is there to provide education and resources, of course, but most importantly, support and accountability!

The coach also guides and encourages the client to consider their issues holistically, and how various elements might be interconnected.  This requires a mindset shift, to be sure, but will ultimately lead to greater self-awareness, more consistent mindfulness, and increased wellness in all areas of life!

Why Wellness Coaching for Singers?

Since a singer's instrument is the whole self, singers, of all people, need to be thinking holistically about their health!  A truly healthy voice can only exist inside a healthy body, and alongside a healthy mind and soul.

Singers are often seeking solutions for a myriad of voice-impacting wellness issues.  The typical Western medicine model tells us we should treat each issue in isolation.  While specific treatments and/or medications may be necessary in some cases, they often do not address the issue's root cause.  Holistic wellness coaching is NOT a replacement for medical and/or mental health care, but is meant to work in tandem with it, helping you to address other potential contributing factors to your issues that may not be considered or acknowledged in a typical medical setting.  It is designed to give you the empowerment and tools you need to take charge of your own health - and, in turn, the health of your voice.

Additionally, many of the everyday issues we experience can be treated naturally - either entirely, or in conjunction with pharmaceuticals.  This is surely good news for singers, whose voices are often subject to medication side effects - so any opportunity to eliminate or lessen these is worth considering, in my book!

Any singer knows that a cold is not "just" a cold.  Rather than simply a nuisance, it's a potentially derailing ailment that could knock your voice off its feet for weeks.


I was always one of those people who went down HARD whenever one of those things hit.  My throat would feel like it was on fire for the first few days, then things would progress to the I-can't-breathe-through-my-nose stage, and then to the hacking cough stage.  Sometimes I'd completely lose my voice.  Oh, and epic fatigue through all of it.  Best case scenario was a week of not being able to sing, but usually it laid my voice out for at least 10-14 days.

A couple years ago, I found myself getting sick with virus after nasty virus, to the point that I was sick, recovering from being sick, or trying not to be sick, for most of the academic year.  Despite adequate sleep, drinking lots of water, cutting sugar, and taking immune-boosting vitamins and supplements, my body seemed to succumb to any virus that came its way.

After nearly two years of this, I was tired and run-down, not only physically, but emotionally as well.  Being unwell and unable to sing for so long really takes a toll on your mental health.  I was also at my wit's end, because I felt like I was doing everything I could to stay healthy, to no avail.

There were two things that finally solved it: improving my gut health, and keeping my stress levels down.

It wasn't easy to figure this out.  It took a lot of trial and error, and a lot of soul-searching.  But once I addressed these issues - which were really at the root of my immunity issues - my overall health began to improve.  Not only was I not getting sick anymore, but I noticed other health improvements too, in addition to a better work/life balance.

And - you guessed it - my singing improved too.

It wasn't because of a change in technique.  It was a change in how I cared for my instrument, and a change in mindset surrounding challenges.

Now, I'm here to share my solutions with fellow singers, or anyone who finds themselves inhibited by frequent seasonal illness.  While sickness can't always be avoided, there are ways to mitigate it if it hits and - more importantly - ways to strengthen your body's defenses against any threats that come along.  And, spoiler alert: it's not just about taking extra vitamin C, or elderberry supplements, or any other one thing in isolation.  It requires a holistic look at your health, starting with your gut and your stress levels. 


In my coaching program, we'll explore all the ways immune support is connected to your gut and your stress levels, and discover how to address these pillar issues with diet, lifestyle, and natural remedies.  You'll have access to all the resources, tools, and support you need to make a few simple lifestyle changes that will pay dividends for your health and wellness.  We'll talk about nutrition for gut health and better sleep, how to regulate your stress response, how to shift your mindset in the face of challenges, and more.  There are no quick fixes for long-term health, but with consistency and support, you can make changes and form habits that will LAST.  Wouldn't that be nice?!

My Story

The Program:

Healthy Body, Healthy Voice

Say goodbye to frequent seasonal illnesses!  Discover the five steps to a stronger immune system so you can feel better and be able to SING AGAIN.  Because singing is what you do, after all.

Step 1: Nutrition, Nutrition, Nutrition!

If you put student-quality strings on a Stradivarius violin, it would still sound pretty good - but not as good as professional-grade strings would sound.  So, what are you putting inside *your* instrument - i.e., your body?  We'll talk about the nutrients your body needs, the why, and the how much.  You'll leave with some concrete steps to practice more mindfulness with your diet!

Step 2: Cut the You-Know-What

In this step, we'll talk a lot about the S-word: SUGAR.  What is it, really, what are its effects on your body (and especially your immune system), and where does it lurk out of sight?  (Hint: nearly everywhere.)  You'll finish this step with some much healthier swaps for sugar- and carb-heavy foods, leaving you feeling more energized!

Step 3: Made to Move

Do you have a movement practice?  Do you know you should, but don't know what you like or where to start?  This step is for you!  A movement practice or exercise routine is essential to a healthy voice and keeping immune threats at bay.  We'll talk about goal-setting and accountability, and give you some tools to implement a routine that works for your body and your schedule.

Step 4: Stress Signals

Maybe you've already notice a decrease in your stress levels from following steps 1-3, but in this step, we'll talk more specifically about what stress is and its effects on the body.  We'll talk about how to determine your stress triggers and how your body responds to various stimuli, how to implement a simple self-care routine, and ways to calm your mind and body in the face of stressors.

Step 5: Preventive Protocol

Now that you're eating, moving, and sleeping better, it's time to talk about immunity-specific strategies!  In addition to the basics, we'll discuss natural supplements and how to keep a germ-free environment.

Step 6: Bonus Session!

We'll wrap up with a special session devoted to whatever you'd like to work on - whether you'd like more in-depth coaching, info, or resources on one of the previous steps, or want to dive into something new.  You decide!

What Does It Cost?

Well, let me ask you - what is your health worth to you?  What would it be worth to be able to sing better, more frequently, and without being inhibited by frequent illness?  What would it be like to have a strong immune system that is able to fend off seasonal threats without laying you out for weeks?  What would it feel like to have more energy, be less stressed, to sleep better, and to feel confident that the food choices you're making will fuel your body properly?

Currently, this program - with its five regular sessions and one bonus session, as well as all the resources and support that come with it - is priced at $799.


I offer a workshop discount to clients who who want to share the love - and health - with their friends.  If you host a workshop with at least five people in attendance, you'll save $200 on my program.  That's right - just for getting five of your friends in a room, who might also benefit from a program like this, you can save 25%.

Or, you can choose the payment plan option: $275/month for three months.

Either way, it'll be one of wisest investments you've made.

We're only given one body.  And every choice we make either brings us closer to holistic harmony, or further from it.  So, I ask you:

What is the cost of NOT doing this program?

What kind of resources are included with this program?

Throughout the course of the program, I'll give you packets, handouts, and online resources created and compiled specifically for this program.  You'll also get recommendations for books, products, and other resources, but these are not included in the price of the program.

I like the sound of this program, but I feel like I don't need help with a certain step.  Is it possible to focus on something else instead?

Absolutely!  There is no need to do the steps in order, spend the same amount of time on each one, or even complete them all, if you don't want to.  As I mentioned above, coaching is a highly client-driven process, so we start where YOU'D like to begin.

Do you continue to offer coaching to people who have completed the program?

Absolutely!  I create custom packages for program alumni, so we can totally work something out.


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