Wellness Coaching

You know your body is your instrument.  You know how to breathe, how to sing, and how to perform.  Your technique is solid.  Yet you still feel there is a missing piece.  Maybe you find yourself:

- Struggling to find the energy to sing every day

- Frequently ill with colds or flus

- Struggling with digestive issues like acid reflux

- Facing stress that affects your voice, and unsure how to deal with it

- Wondering whether you're eating the right foods to fuel your instrument

- Hoping to address your wellness issues naturally, so you don't have to take as many pharmaceuticals that negatively affect your voice

If so, then my wellness coaching programs could be right for you!

Interested in what holistic voice care looks like?  

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Wellness Coaching Programs

Food Lifestyle Program

On Sale Now - Only $197!

Vegetarian Food

Does healthy eating seem complicated to you?  

Are you confused by all the conflicting nutritional information out there?


Have you tried making diet changes in the past, only to find it difficult to stick with them?


Do you find yourself frequently wondering whether or not you're making the healthiest choice at a restaurant or party?


Do you want to eat without the stress of calorie-counting?


Then my Food Lifestyle Program is for you!


A food lifestyle is not a diet.  It's not rooted in "good" vs. "bad" foods.  

In this program, you'll learn how to:

- Cultivate a healthy, balanced mindset about your food choices

- Figure out what *really* drives your food choices day to day

- Make food choices based on how nutrients work in your body

- Listen to your own body's needs, and make eating choices accordingly

Because at the end of the day, there is no one perfect "diet."  There is only the food lifestyle that is perfect for YOU.

You'll get all the resources and support you need to implement healthy eating choices that will LAST.

Four sessions plus all the extras - only $197!

Stress, Immunity and the Voice

A Unique Program for Singers


Every singer has heard the refrain "your body is your instrument."  But it's more accurate to say that our whole selves are our instruments - because we're more than just bodies, right?! 

Every singer also knows that a cold is not "just" a cold.  When you're hit with one of those suckers after another, it takes a toll on your voice, your body, and your mental health.

I would know, because I've been in that position before.  I tried everything to stay healthy, but the nasty mega-viruses kept coming.

Eventually, I got to the bottom of my immunity issues.  And the answers were not what you'd think.  What were they?

Gut health and stress management.

That's right - we'll take a look at how your immune system is affected by your gut health (and therefore your diet), and your stress levels.


This program is for you if:

- You find yourself struggling with frequent seasonal illness that disrupts your life as a singer

- You've tried what feels like everything to keep seasonal viruses at bay, to no avail

- You think your diet might be contributing to your immunity issues, but you're not sure how or where to start making changes

- You're often stressed, anxious, or worried about how your health is going to affect your voice

- You want to strengthen your immune system for the winter

This program includes six sessions, as well as all the resources and support you need - for only $399.



What is holistic wellness coaching?

True wellness, as they say, is not merely the absence of disease.  Wellness encompasses your physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health.  Recognizing and working within this inter-connectedness is what we mean by the word "holistic."


A wellness coach guides clients to address their issues holistically, providing information and resources, as well as support and accountability.  This combination empowers the client to take charge of their own health, and make changes that will LAST.   

This is in contrast to the typical Western medicine model, which tells us we should treat issues in isolation.  While specific treatments and/or medications may be necessary in some cases, they often do not address the issue's root cause(s).  Holistic wellness coaching is NOT a replacement for medical and/or mental health care, but is meant to work in tandem with them, helping you to address other potential contributing factors to your issues that may not be considered or acknowledged in a typical medical setting.  

What kinds of resources are included with your programs?

I'll provide you with packets, handouts, and online resources, created both specifically for the program AND for your unique needs.  You'll also get recommendations for books, products, and other resources, but these are not included in the price of the program.

How is working with a wellness coach different from working with a nutritionist or dietician?

Typically, a nutritionist or dietician will give clients information, materials, and instructions, such as meal plans or grocery shopping lists, and send them on their way.  A wellness coach can provide those resources, too, but the difference is that the coach provides custom-tailored support and accountability for the client as they take specific action steps toward their goals.  

How is working with a wellness coach different from working with a therapist or psychiatrist?

Wellness coaches are NOT licensed therapists.  Although talking about wellness sometimes means talking about mental and emotional health, a wellness coach is not qualified to unpack pervious traumas, or diagnose or treat any mental health conditions.  What we CAN offer are guidelines about how to address general stress or anxiety that might be related to your primary wellness challenge(s) in the here and now.

Do you diagnose conditions, or prescribe medications and/or treatments?

No, and no.  A coach will work with whatever diagnosis your doctor has given you.  If you don't yet have a diagnosis for your issue, that's the first step. 


Coaches may recommend certain products, but we do not prescribe anything, and we will not tell you to stop or change any protocol your doctor(s) have prescribed you.

Do you suggest a specific diet to all your clients?

No.  There is no one, perfect diet that works for everyone.  However, I do believe that there are certain hallmarks of any healthy diet, which I do suggest my clients follow.  I have personal experience with gluten-free, sugar-free, and dairy-free diets, as well as the low-FODMAP and Paleo diets, so I certainly CAN offer specific coaching on those.  But there is no one-size-fits-all.  Part of our work together will be figuring out what diet works best for YOU.

Do you offer custom packages?

Absolutely!  Let's get one going for you!