"What a gift to have aligned with Ellen. I started vocal lessons with her maybe now 3 years ago. During our lessons, Ellen holds space for me to practice.  While it is my job to practice at home and come prepared with what I want to work on or what I am struggling with.... Ellen is attentive and playful so it makes it a great match for me to feel comfortable throughout the learning process. These lessons are some of the favorite moments of my life! I can’t wait to continue to practice and learn thus expressing myself through the art of music."

- Debbie M.

"I took vocal lessons with Ellen for about five years. When I began, I had little confidence. I was just someone who enjoyed singing. With Ellen, I was able to hone various techniques that have made me immensely more confident in singing both classical and musical theater pieces. I always looked forward to my lessons with Ellen, knowing that if I was struggling with something she could take a different approach in warming up my voice or in helping me understand the music."

- Olivia L.

"My goal over quarantine was to reach a high C, and I have completed that goal through excellent explanations of technique."

- HH voice student, grade 9

"Voice lessons have helped me to build my confidence.  My voice sounds clearer.  I also have a better idea of my range."

- HH student, grade 10

"For the past five years we have known Ellen Allen.  My three children enjoy their lessons with her, and they have grown so much in their musicality and skill under her direction.  I also went to Ellen for voice lessons, and still recall much of her direction: she is professional, kind, practical, and dependable.  Our family is thrilled to have found her, and continue to be amazed at Ellen's versatility as she is such a gifted teacher. " 

- Aimee H.

"Ellen's energy is comforting, and I think my voice has improved quite a bit!  I have learned so much in the past year!"

- HH student, grade 10

"Online lessons have really helped my sight-reading and knowledge of rhythm.  They've also strengthened my skills in practicing efficiency."

- HH student, grade 12

"Ellen is a methodical instructor who really cares for her students, and helps them to make great strides as performers and musicians!"

- Kim Lamoureux, owner of Kim Lamoureux Voice Studio

"Ellen is an awesome teacher! My daughter studied violin with her for about 7 years and voice lessons for about a year. We recommend her highly."

- Emily J.

Q: What's been the most valuable thing you've learned in your lessons recently?

A: Definitely expanding my rep, and working with pieces that aren't as well-known!

- HH student, grade 12

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