Dramatic Coaching

Learn how to express yourself confidently and authentically in performance, and WOW your audience!  We'll look at your performance rep through a musically holistic lens that incorporates the text, music, and dramatic background of each piece.  By taking your dramatic cues from each of these elements, you'll never be left wondering what gestures to use, or making things up on the spot!  You'll discover a deeper connection with the music, and, in turn, a deeper connection with your audience.

These sessions are the perfect way to prepare for auditions, competitions, or performances.

All students enrolled in weekly voice lessons have two dramatic coaching sessions per year included in their tuition.

What's In a Dramatic Coaching?

In a dramatic coaching session, we will focus solely on how to give a show-stopping performance!  We will put aside the focus on vocal technique, and instead talk about how to bring your pieces to life.

We'll take a good look at the text and the music of your pieces, and map the character's journey.  We'll talk about the emotion(s) you want to communicate, and how to do that with your voice, your facial expression, and your body - including where to focus your eyes, what gestures to use and how many, and how much to move.

The result will be an authentic, polished, and CONFIDENT performance that will wow your audience!

A Dramatic Coaching is NOT:

  • A voice lesson.  Voice lessons are for technique and musicianship.  Dramatic coachings focus solely on performance and presentation.

  • An acting lesson.  The goal of a dramatic coaching is to make you a good musical and vocal communicator of your specific pieces.  While this will involve incorporating some basic elements of acting, it is not meant to help you develop overall acting technique.

Book Now!

To book a dramatic coaching, head on over to the "Book Now" page and schedule a free Discovery Call!  Once we have an idea of your goals and the pieces you'd like to coach, we'll set up your session!

All clients enrolled in weekly voice lessons have two dramatic coachings per year included in their tuition.  Studio members may book additional sessions at a discounted rate of $75 per session.  The rate for non-members is $85 per session.

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