Dramatic Coaching

Are you prepping for a big audition or performance?  Want to express yourself confidently on stage and WOW your audience?  Do you want to feel so comfortable that you're never left wondering what gestures or movements to use?  Do you want to give your audience something truly spectacular?

Then a dramatic coaching is for you!


We'll take a deep dive into your rep, so that you can present each piece on stage just as the character would.  The result will be a confident, authentic performance that connects with your audience! 

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What's In a Dramatic Coaching?

In a dramatic coaching session, we will focus solely on how to give a show-stopping performance!  We will put aside the focus on vocal technique, and instead talk about how to bring your pieces to life.

To do this, we'll talk about the context of your piece, take a deep dive into the words and the music, and map the character's emotional journey.  Then we'll explore how to communicate what the character is feeling with your voice, facial expression, and your body.  You'll get plenty of practice putting it all together, so that you can give an authentic, polished, and confident performance that will WOW your audience!

Please Note:

​A dramatic coaching is not an acting lesson.  The goal of a dramatic coaching is to make you a good musical and vocal communicator of your pieces.  While this will involve incorporating some basic elements of acting, it is not meant to help you develop overall acting technique.

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All students enrolled in weekly lessons have two dramatic coaching sessions per year included in their tuition.  

Studio member rate (for additional coachings): $75

Non-member rate: $85

Once booked, all dramatic coachings are subject to a 24-hour, non-refundable cancellation policy.

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