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Whether your goal is landing a role in your school or community production, increasing your technique and stamina for your choral singing, growing in  confidence for auditions, or working toward college/conservatory acceptance, you've come to the right place!  These one-on-one lessons are designed to help you develop the technique and musicianship you need to succeed, while being guided by an expert instructor who will tailor the experience to your needs and goals.  Learn more.

Learn how to express yourself confidently and authentically, and give a show-stopping performance!  We'll look at your rep through a musically holistic lens that incorporates the text, music, and dramatic background of each piece.  By taking your dramatic cues from each of these elements, you'll never be left wondering what gestures to use, or making things up on the spot!  You'll discover a deeper connection with the music, and, in turn, WOW your audience!  Learn more.

Every singer has heard the refrain "your body is your instrument."  But it's more accurate to say that our whole selves are our instruments - because we're more than just bodies, right?!  My wellness program, "Healthy Body, Healthy Voice," is designed specially to help singers whose voices are affected by frequent seasonal illness, and addresses the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of vocal health, including nutrition, movement, immune support, and stress management.  Learn more.

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