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Whether your goal is landing a role in your school musical, reaching those high notes in choir, getting that special solo, or acceptance to a top-level conservatory program, you've come to the right place!  These one-on-one lessons are tailored to your unique goals, and are designed to help you develop the technique and musicianship you need to succeed - all while being guided by an expert instructor who's walked the walk.  Learn more.

Prepping for a big audition or performance?  We'll get your pieces in tip-top shape so you can give a show-stopping performance that will WOW your audience!  We'll look at the music, text, and drama of your rep and explore how to communicate the character's emotions confidently and authentically.  The result will be a polished performance that will leave your audience wanting more!    Learn more.

A singer's instrument is more than just the body - it's the whole self!  And when our selves are bombarded by illness or stress, our voices can suffer.  My unique programs are designed to help singers maximize their wellness, particularly if they find themselves struggling with frequent illness or chronic stress.  Take back control of your wellness - and your voice - today!  Learn more.

What Are Ellen's Clients Saying?

"My goal over quarantine was to reach a high C, and I have completed that goal through excellent explanations of technique."

- HH voice student, grade 9

"Ellen's energy is comforting, and I think my voice has improved quite a bit.  I have learned so much over the past year!

- HH voice student, grade 10

"Voice lessons have helped me to build my confidence.  My voice sounds clearer.  I also have a better idea of my range."

- HH voice student, grade 10

Q: What's been the most valuable thing you've learned in your lessons recently?

A: Definitely expanding my rep, and working with pieces that aren't as well-known!

- HH voice student, grade 12

"Online lessons have really helped my sight-reading and knowledge of rhythm.  They've also strengthened my skills in practicing efficiency."

- HH voice student, grade 12

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